Rewards Cards Update

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Made a little pouch for our reward cards after I laminated them last weekend.  So far this week, the kids have done my hair, written on the chalk board, taken a picture  and skipped around the house after working hard on an assignment.  ok.  i wouldn't say they were working hard.  but they might.  and the rewards are free, so i can give them freely.  

anyone else start using them? (i think they're still in Ana's shop

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--Wilsons said...

first of all- I never comment on a strangers blog but I just felt compelled to this time! My two sons are resting and I stumbled on your blog while looking for a "rouched t-shirt" idea. (Yay you have one!) Now I don't have time to sew because I have been looking at all your creations and getting inspiration! I know this sounds wired but identified with you in many ways- I (kinda) homeschool (pre-K), have started running (planning my first race now), sew/craft, cook, and most importantly serve our Creator (living overseas). Thanks for posting- I will visit often!