Is God Really Good?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

At some point in any God-believing person's life, the question exists.  Sometimes it is barely whispered, or only a fleeting thought.  Other times, it is a gnawing overwhelming silence.  

I'm reading One Thousand Gifts and have found hope for the fear that surrounds the unanswered question.  Ann Voskamp has lived through the question after several tragedies and found the answer in the ordinary: gratitude.  She explains, "It is impossible to give thanks, and simultaneously feel fear."  

Yesterday, at fifty pages into her story, I challenged myself to write down 1000 things to give thanks for.   Dressing for church this morning, as a I slipped my hand into a coat I rarely wear, I found a note of a quote I must have wanted to keep. I collect them, you know.  Yet, this one, I forgot.  

"We walk by humble miracles everyday.  They give evidence that God is good."  

Ann's book is the first item on my beginning list.  The note is the second.  

These moments from our simple Saturday evening at home are also on my list.  
My littles masked in lemon and mint clay. 

I hope your weekend was sweet and full of humble miracles that went noticed.  Have you started reading Ann's book? 

7 Creative People Had This To Say:

beth lehman said...

The book is on it's way - I can't wait to read it and I started my list in December.... I love thinking this way!

care said...

Hadn't seen this post before I talked to you. Love the pictures of you and the kids! You need to get in front of the camera more! :) Gotta remember to check out that book!

Jess said...

On the way - God bless inter-library loan!

Braley Mama said...

ahhh that is a good thing :O) You guys look super cute!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Still waiting for the book to arrive down under but I have a copy on order. Have you seen the video clip she narrates with the stunning photography? I linked to it at my last post. So moving. My youngest son has a name which means 'God is good'. People often ask me what his name means and I can tell them 'God is good.' He really is!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Looking forward to reading this one! Jackie

Mari said...

I have started reading the book but their is so much food for thought I keep pausing... (thank you for your kind comment, Ive so enjojed reading through many of your posts & Ill be coming back!)