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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What are your summer plans? How do you know when you've committed them to the Lord?

I'm guest posting about our summer plans at SAH Missionary today, while Joy is flying across the world!

Summer Blessings,

5 Creative People Had This To Say:

Carin said...

I'll go check it out =)

Leaning on Him said...

I loved it--great job!

care-in said...

Just a quick hello. Dee Ann sent me here...I think she said you go to Chase Oaks also. I'll be back to read more!!

robin said...

Great post! I'd been thinking very similar thoughts and trying to get more in focus with God rather than planning my days for what I wanted to do! Thanks for the reminder! Robin

Wendy said...


This post was so encouraging for me and thank you for sharing it. This has been my prayer for God to help me when I'm overwhelmed with the kids or whatever. I see that I need to commit my plans to Him and trust Him to carry them out according to His will.