{Summer School Art :: Beaded Postcard}

Monday, June 8, 2009

Are you ready to dig in to our first summer art project? Do you have all your supplies?

Today we'll need:
-cardstock, if letter size, cut into fourths
-bugle beads
-fine needle that will pass through your beads

With your needle, poke holes around the border of your first postcard. I said "first postcard" because after seeing your finished card, you'll have to make the other three! I poked holes in this pattern:

Begin threading your beads through your postcard pattern. Then get mindless...watch tv, listen to a message, talk to your hubby and before you know it, you'll have a beautiful card any friend would love receiving in the mail.

A tip for those of you who decide to make more:
Cut up an old sock to make a glove to hold beads you'll be using. I've used a child sock and packing tape here (by the way, it's really hard to take a picture of your own hands!):

Like this idea? Look for this book for more beading ideas and postcard patterns:

Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin-there's even a postcard flickr group...I should add this one, no?

Want an even cheaper twist? Just thread your pattern sans beads. The pattern above makes a vine looking stitch that with a contrasting color is very beautiful!

Summer School Art at PAJAMA MAMA

Okay, get beading (or stitching)! And don't forget to get tomorrow's supplies together and meet back here, same time, same place!

Class dismissed, unless you're just joining us today-then check out the Summer School Art Giveaways!

14 Creative People Had This To Say:

Christina said...

I forgot to get a needle so I am going to improvise. I might do a little something different if that is okay?!

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Christina-that is what creativity is all about!! Often we are most creative when our resources are limited-can't wait to see what you do!

TeriLynneU said...

Love this! What a great idea. My daughter will thoroughly enjoy this project. *adding beads to the shopping list for today*

Composing Hallelujahs said...

awesome idea!

Sarah Mae said...

Oh, what a fun idea! Okay, gonna do it! :)

Buildeth Her House said...

AWWW that is awesome!! You are so creative. I LOVE crafts.

Sarah said...

Oh great idea with the sock!

Muthering Heights said...

That looks like such a fun project!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

So cute! And so many possibilities...birthday cards, dinner party invitations, teacher appreciation gift, etc.

I love beading stuff because it can be so mindless but keeps the hands busy.

Diann said...

I love to bead cards! When the hubs and I were first married, we traveled all over the US (he was an over the road truck driver and I went on the road with him). We couldn't afford souvenirs so, we bought postcards from each fun place we went to. Then would bead them and put them in thrift store frames and used them as fun decor.

Martha said...

well, I kind of cheated.... I did a beaded flower image and made a card instead of a postcard. I"ll get it posted to my blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Mine turned out a little different because I bought a mixed bead container...seed beads, bugle beads and larger seed type beads. My son came in and said, "So you just poke holes and string on the beads and you get something beautiful?" I said, "yes, it really is that easy!" Thanks for this!

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Simply Dawn, i'd love to see a mixed bead design! Email me a picture if your blog is private so I can post it on Friday!

Martha said...

here's my card: