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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer School Art at PAJAMA MAMA

Okay, I'm a lee-tle bit nervous Mr. Linky won't show up, but I'm so glad you did. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to checking out your creativity!

Just some business…

::Your link can be anything that displays creativity... a beautiful meal, a poem, a sewing tutorial, a framed drawing by a special 4 year old...

::And it doesn't have to be a new post, although, I would be honored if you would link back to Pajama Mama.

::If Mr. Linky isn't here, just leave a comment with your permalink so we can find you!

And now, if I may give one last assignment (after linking up, of course):

I want to know what books you've used in finding inspiration. From an Amy Butler sewing book to the Pottery Barn catalog-leave a comment and tell us inspires you. Remember, each comment = an entry to Giveaway #1!

Summer School Art Participants
1. Amanda @ LOH (Beaded postcard)
2. Amanda @ LOH (House portrait)
3. Amanda @ LOH (bird paintings)
4. Amanda @ LOH (Painted pot)
5. Christina (Beaded Card)
6. Sarah Mae (Bird picture)
7. Joye @ The Joyeful Journey
8. Simply Dawn (watercolor)
9. Simply Dawn (beaded card)
10. Here I am (beaded card)
11. Abigail (Recipe Scrapbook!)

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6 Creative People Had This To Say:

Leaning on Him said...

KS--Thanks for such a fun and inspirational art school week. It was just the boost I needed to get past my "fear" about crafting (where to begin, what to do, what to use, etc.) And I have some new supplies to use (pastels, acrylic paints, watercolors). I hope you get a HUGE Mr. Linky turn out! --AH

Christina said...

Martha Stewart Magazine is my favorite. Sometimes the ideas in there are enough to spark my creativity.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Love it! But oh dear! I forgot to mention my favorite book/ magazine. I would have to say Martha Stewart's and Elle Decor.

Anonymous said...

Hoot! I had a blast! This was fun that you gave us springboards! I am so glad that you did this because now my sewing room is clean and I am taking some time. As a mom of seven it's hard to come by, but now I know it isn't impossible. If I get ideas they usually come from a blog I tripped across.

Sarah Mae said...

Good turn out! This was a really great idea...I can't wait to go back and really work on some of these things. :)

Buildeth Her House said...

HEY I WON!!!! I'M A WINNER...lol Thank you so much! I'm so honored and I just love, love, love aprons.