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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer School Art at PAJAMA MAMAI'm so excited for the BIG THINGS going on at Pajama Mama next week, I can hardly stand it!

::Get ready for Summer School at Pajama Mama
-a tutorial each day to stretch our creativity! Each lesson uses a different medium-paper, watercolors, pen, etc. And most supplies will be items you already own.

::Next Friday, June 12th, link up your finished projects-or your own tutorial or evidence of your creativity!!!

::And last but not least TWO -not one, but TWO GIVEAWAYS! Stick around, they're gonna be good!

Now you have a few days to get your supplies ready.

For Monday's tutorial, we will need the following:
-cardstock, light enough to be written on and seen clearly-I will be using cardboard-colored stock
-bugle beads-found at any craft store in a tube for under $3, used for jewelry making
-very fine needle-also in the jewelry section. Sewing needles often aren't thin enough. I got a 6 pack at Wal*Mart for $.97.

Get out your sewing machines or head over to a friend's house on Tuesday and bring:
-a hand or bath size towel-I'll be using a white hand size towel for $3 at Wal*Mart
-a 1/3 yard of fabric for a hand towel or 1/2 yard for a bath towel.
-coordinating colored thread
-yardstick or measuring tape

For Wednesday, we'll be using:
-cardstock or water color paper-some version of white
-photo of your home on your computer
-b&w printer
-watercolors/brushes or colored pencils, your choice
-painter's tape

And Thursday will be using paints again!
-acryllic, craft or tempura paints are all fine
-watercolors, make sure to have black, brown white and red.
-cardstock or watercolor paper
-smallish brush, okay, just grab any brush-kid brushes are fine, too
-chalk pastels

Okay, get ready! And Grab a Button
(in the sidebar) and invite your friends-because summer school is COOL! I'm so excited, I'm getting kind of cheesy, huh?

Well, did I mention there'll be TWO GIVEAWAYS?

See you in class,

3 Creative People Had This To Say:

Leaning on Him said...

Yea! I'm excited too and maybe, just maybe, I'll try and make at least one craft to link up for you! The one with a picture of our house sounds interesting! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope I can keep up!

Kristina said...

This sounds fun! I just became a follower. I'm always looking for projects to do with my daughter.